In February 2023, Urbanexus Update became ARES Urbanexus Update, a publication of the American Real Estate Society (ARES). As an association of real estate educators, researchers, and thought leaders, the Society is pleased to support this collection of news and information related to real estate decision-making and the functioning of real estate markets. H. Pike Oliver remains the curator, and the monthly update is free of charge.

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A monthly curated real estate news resource brought to you by the American Real Estate Society (ARES). Curated by Urbanexus founder and ARES member H. Pike Oliver, the Update features news articles to keep you up-to-date on the real estate industry.


H. Pike Oliver is a master-planned community development consultant and co-author of Transforming the Irvine Ranch: Joan Irvine, William Pereira, Ray Watson, and THE BIG PLAN (Routledge, 2022).